Three new launches from ESPA

ESPA has announced a series of new launches for spring.


Its new Muscle Rescue Balm aims to deliver a pre and
post-workout boost for aching and tired muscles. The balm
contains eucalyptus to ease tension and peppermint to energise.
West Indian Bay and Clove Bud oil is incorporated to invigorate
body and mind, stressed mind, while warming and soothing


Also new is the Fitness Shower Oil, a nourishing product that
contains coconut and olive oils to cleanse, and Clove Bud,
peppermint and eucalyptus to revive.


The new Strength & Resilience Massage, ESPA’s new signature
treatment, helps to revive tired muscles and bring about a
renewed sense of wellbeing and clarity. The treatment uses the
Muscle Rescue Balm to soothe muscular aches and pains and
cocoons the body in warm towels to aid relaxation. Advanced
techniques such as Yogic stretches are performed to awaken the
body and a reflex zone foot massage stimulates major organs
such as the lungs, colon, diaphragm and sinuses which have a
direct link to the body’s resilience.