Aguirre joins Six Senses Wellness Board

Neuroscientist, mind-body expert, TEDx speaker and regular TED
Ed educator, Dr Claudia Aguirre has joined the Six Senses
Wellness Board to help introduce a Holistic Anti-Ageing Clinic
in May at Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey.


The concept will then be rolled out across selected Six Senses


Aguirre, who specialises in the connection between the brain
and the skin, has a doctorate from the University of Southern
California based on hormonal interactions in the ageing brain
and qualifications in Yoga, mindfulness and social change.


“While it’s true that our genes contribute to how our skin
ages, ‘lifestyle ageing’ is often overlooked,” she says. “The
Brain-Skin-Gut connection considers how psycho-social
pressures, coupled with an improper diet, can negatively impact
gut microbiota and ultimately result in inflamed and unbalanced
skin that ages prematurely.”


The Holistic Anti-Ageing Clinic will offer an advanced skin
analysis, wellness screening, sleep analysis and a consultation
to examine and discuss these lifestyle factors. Clients will
get create a personalised skin treatment plan including
nutrition, supplements, treatments, movement and mindfulness.


Anna Bjurstam, Six Senses vice president spas and wellness,
says: “We are excited to work with Dr Aguirre. We will delve
deep into various lifestyle factors – what we eat and drink,
our stress levels and hormonal balance, and other parameters
such as insulin resistance, gut and intestine imbalances. It’s
an exciting approach to wellness that we expect will really
benefit guests.”