New waxing system launched

Spa industry expert Tracey Smith has launched Ashmira Botanica,
a new waxing system.

ASHMIRA means ‘heaven’s flower’ and the wax is full of natural
oils, butters, plants and flowers each chosen for their
exceptional moisturising, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
properties to help repair, protect and nourish the skin during
and after hair removal. Every product in the range is composed
with a base of argan oil, hazel seed oil and capuaçu butter
(related to cacao).

Ashmira Botanica comes in two varieties, one strip and one
strip-free, and also offers a full range of professional and
retail pre and post wax products. The strip-free wax dries
instantly giving quicker, more cost-effective treatments. The
after wax lotion, if used regularly, also helps slow re-growth
and makes hair grow back finer. 


“I had been in the beauty industry for 30 years when I created
Ashmira Botancia, says Tracey Smith, who previously established
two beauty wholesale companies based in the South West of
England.  “I wanted to develop a waxing brand that was
indulgent and really looked after the skin, so I worked with a
team of scientists to create a range which prevents and cures
the problems so often associated with waxing such as ingrown
hairs, spots and dry skin.


“Most waxing brands are purely salon-based, but Ashmira
Botanica’s after-care products can be taken home and used to
help the treatment last as long as possible. Having trained as
a therapist I knew our waxes needed to be fast setting and take
out every hair, causing as little trauma to the skin as
possible. We also added a little natural glitter to the final
products to give them some sparkle and add to the indulgence of
the range.”