Gainsborough Bath Spa to offer wellbeing sessions

The spa at The Gainsborough Hotel in Bath is launching a series
wellness events, designed to provide guests with a more rounded
wellness offering.


Taking place from April to June, the events will target all
areas of wellness including nutrition, emotional and mental
wellbeing and physical wellness.


Movement Medicine, taking place on 10th May, will be
hosted by yoga instructor Bex Bridgford. It will include a
lecture on the history and benefits of yoga, plus a yoga
session. Courage and Daring will be hosted by mindfulness
expert and courage coach Jonathan Ward on 7th June.
The session will teach guests how to make more fulfilling life
choices by engaging with their emotions.


Melissa Mettler, spa consultant at YTL Hotels, the operator of
The Gainsborough, says: “Most spas offer pampering and exercise
classes, but we wanted to look at wellness as a whole package
–nutrition, mental wellbeing and physical wellness.


“We are paving the way for The Gainsborough to be widely
regarded as a wellness destination. By incorporating so much
variety into our offering we can appeal to a wider audience and
introduce them to a deeper experience of wellness. We work with
modern wellness experts who have the ability to inspire the
most hardened wellness-seeker.”