Whole body SPA mask

SPA Treatments: How to choose the Best SPA program

If you ask a woman what a gift for her will be especially pleasant, then eight out of ten when listing the desired one for certain the trip to the SPA-salon is mentioned. To feel the action of relaxing procedures, to feel how the body rest and is absorbed by the vital forces – is this not a dream? But the advantages of SPA treatments have already been appreciated by men – among the representatives of the stronger half of humanity more and more admirers of these miraculous methods.

SPA treatments – how much in this sound for our heart has merged

In a modern, broad, understanding, SPA are procedures for improving the body, in which water is used in all its manifestations – from seaweed wrapping and salt peels to thermal baths. But the SPA today is not only and not so much a cosmetic procedure as a whole ritual aimed at getting rid of toxins, rejuvenation and improvement of the skin condition, activation of metabolic processes in the body as a whole.

There are two options for treating the term: some consider that SPA is an abbreviation of the three Latin words Sanus per Aquam, which means “health with the help of water,” while others hold the view that the complex is named after the Belgian spa resort, famous for its healing springs.

Whatever it was, today SPA is one of the most popular cosmetic techniques. Now almost every large (and not so) salon has a separate SPA-cabinet, and many, even world-famous resorts, change the profile in favor of fashion. All this indicates the popularity of the service, not only in Canada, but also in many other countries. However, not everywhere under the “cherished” words in the price list, SPA services are concealed in the traditional sense – many salons, especially in Toronto, thus only pay attention to themselves, offering complexes far from suitable under the definition of “water recovery”. Nevertheless, the market for such services in our country is actively developing, both in the premium and in the economic segment.

Types of SPA treatments

There are many kinds of SPA events, and there are both complex programs and SPA-procedures only, for example, for the hands or for the face.

To date, the most popular SPA-programs include:

SPA procedures for hair

Hair SPA
In the “recruitment”, specialists usually include such procedures as hot wrapping to give the hair elasticity and strength, mineralization for restoring colored and discolored hair, laminating using various algae extracts, sealing the structure of the hair and making the curls smoother. Other services are also available, including measures to restore, nourish, moisturize hair, peel and cleanse the scalp, masks that stimulate growth, etc.

Before starting any complex of SPA-procedures for hair, consult a trichologist. In large salons and beauty institutions usually there is a staff specialist, if it is not, then the trichologist can be found in a multi-disciplinary clinic or diagnostic center.

SPA-procedures for the face

Facial SPA
Get rid of the signs of fatigue and lack of sleep, remove the first wrinkles, make the skin more elastic – with all these goals, “face” the methods of SPA for the face. In the salons you will be offered scrubs and peelings, vitamin and clay masks, massage and hardware procedures. To fix the result, you should pay attention to lotions, creams and cosmetics based on marine minerals.

Spa treatments for hands

Nail SPA Treatments
Often in the SPA-programs for the hands include only manicure, but, in fact, they include a whole ritual of skin care for hands – relaxing baths with the addition of sea salt, rejuvenating masks, massage with aroma oils. The most popular in recent years is paraffin therapy, not only in women, but also in men, because you want to have well-groomed hands with everyone. Also in the salon you will be able to choose a suitable hand cream, which you can (and need) use at home.

Spa procedures for legs

Legs SPA
Beautiful legs are the “visiting card” of a woman, that’s why various SPA-complexes for feet became a “masthead” for ladies of any age. Depending on the individual characteristics and needs, you may be advised of anti-edematous and anti-varicose procedures. Baths with salt and essential oils will help get rid of fatigue in the legs, special wraps (mud, algal, even chocolate) – from ugly “stars” and overly noticeable veins, hand and hydromassage will help to achieve ease of gait.

Before holding a SPA for the hands, feet and body, consult a specialist, in some diseases such cosmetic procedures may be contraindicated. Also determine if you are allergic to the constituent ingredients of masks and wraps.

SPA-procedures for the body

Whole body SPA mask
It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of SPA-procedures for the body: detox, and rejuvenation, and anti-cellulite measures, and relaxation of the entire body, and getting rid of minor inflammations, and improving metabolism, and much more.

Popular spa treatments for the whole body:

  • salt and algal peels;
  • wraps, ranging from mineral (using mud, algae and even healing silt) and ending
  • with pearl and silk;
  • baths: sea, dairy, modeling, relaxing;
  • Jacuzzi with hydromassage, phyto bar, hammam, sauna.

A special attention deserves a massage, which occupies one of the key places in the complex of SPA-procedures. Among the most popular options can be identified Thai, Balinese, Stone and using aromameshochkov, anti-cellulite, relaxing, tonic and many others. Usually massage is preceded by a complex of procedures for skin cleansing. For example, steaming in a hammam, scrub or wrap. The skillful hands of the massage therapist, the relaxing atmosphere, the smell of aroma oil – all this allows you to achieve the effect immediately in three directions – psychoemotional, aesthetic and curative.

Here is not a complete list of services that can enter into the ritual of SPA-care for the body. After the first session you will feel the beneficial effect of the procedures and you will want to come again. However, it will only be for the best – regular SPA-activities will make your body not only more beautiful, but also more healthy.

Complex SPA programs

SPA Compex
Now many SPA and usual beauty salons practice not only separate procedures for body, hair or face, but they offer whole programs of SPA-care: “profile” (rejuvenating, promoting weight loss, anti-cellulite, cleansing the body) and general: romantic rituals for two, hammam with massage and grinding oils, Thai complexes, “Spa days” for the hen party and various other services – as far as the imagination and professionalism of the masters are enough. Of course, such programs are more expensive than individual procedures, but the pleasure and profit from them are worth it, besides the complex will cost less than a “set” of activities one at a time.

Prices for SPA treatments in Toronto

What is the cost of spa treatments in the salons? When answering this question, it is difficult to give average figures, since the price always depends, first, on the level of the beauty studio, and secondly on how wide the list of services is within the framework of one ritual and, thirdly, from the cosmetics that use in the salon. Conditionally it is possible to divide classes of beauty salons into three segments: economy, “middle” and premium. Naturally, in the VIP-salons and cosmetics expensive, brought from medical resorts in Israel, Belgium, Switzerland, France. Special attention is paid by specialists of prestigious beauty institutes to local brands that produce natural cosmetics manually. In the economy and middle classes, cheaper cosmetics and raw materials (clay, mud, algae) are used.

Approximate prices in the premium class start from $300 for a complex procedure lasting 2.5-3 hours, including a bath, peeling, wrapping, massage. Pleasure “for two” will cost about a half times more expensive. In the “middle” segment, the cost of the program is about $200 per person, the SPA-hen party will cost approximately $50 – $100 per person, provided that there are at least 4 girls in the company. Economical options, including, nevertheless, a fairly large list of procedures: hammam, massage, mask or wrap, manicure – will cost from $30 for one person for an hour and a half.

How to choose a SPA-salon?

spa salon
Perhaps, every fan of SPA relaxation wants to find “his” salon, where he will be offered the desired set of SPA procedures at an affordable price and with good service. We can give you some advice on choosing a studio.

  • First, pay attention to the presence in the cabin of the conditions for a comprehensive spa: a massage room, a swimming pool, a steam bath, a bath;
  • Secondly, ask if the masseurs have the appropriate education. There is nothing worse than getting into the hands of a layman who not only does not solve, but can also exacerbate health problems;
  • Thirdly, before the visit to the salon, do not hesitate to ask about the sterility of the conditions for the procedures;
  • Fourth, evaluate the range of services and their cost – whether the proposed complex is sufficient to meet your needs and whether the waste will be redundant;
  • Fifthly, look for a studio near the house, after all, after a relaxing ritual it is difficult to plunge into the crazy rhythm of the life of the metropolis.

In the last paragraph, however, a reservation is permissible: some salons, even those located at the other end of the city, can offer exclusive services that you like more than those that are available near. Usually in a good studio you can relax, “cool down” after the ritual and then go on the road.

So, we tried to figure out what the SPA-salon is and what procedures are included in the SPA programs, and also identified several criteria for choosing the right studio. In conclusion, it is worth adding that once you appreciate the benefit and pleasure of the spa, you will certainly want to experience these unforgettable sensations again. We wish you to find a good master, and remember: beauty does not always require sacrifice!