New botanical products for The Well in the Garden Spa at Cliff at Lyons

The Well in the Garden, a two-storey spa in the grounds of
Cliff at Lyons, has introduced a new range of bespoke botanical
spa products.


The Well at Cliff is an array of handcrafted products inspired
by traditional herbal remedies. Created with leading Irish spa
consultants Peigin Crowley, Fiona Byrne and Maria Herrera the
range offers a natural, botanical and bespoke spa experience,
available uniquely at Cliff spa venues.


Crowley says: “Fiona, Maria and I were engaged as Spa
Consultants, to develop a unique treatment and product offering
that reflected the botanical beauty of The Cliff at Lyons and
incorporate the unique seascape of The Cliff House Hotel.


“It was an incredible project, working with a gifted therapist
called Laura Clarke to design treatments. Together we
embroidered the wonderful herbs from the garden with Irish
therapeutic ingredients such as peat, carrageen moss and Irish
bees wax.”


The products were launched on the spa menu on 1st
March in The Well in the Garden at Cliff at Lyons and The Well
by the Sea at Cliff House Hotel.


The range uses local flora and indigenous Irish ingredients –
such as Atlantic seaweed, wild marjoram and rosemary and other
hand-crushed herbs from the gardens – and wherever possible,
there are no parabens, mineral oils or artificial colourings.


A new line of treatments has been developed using Well at Cliff
products which includes nourishing experiences like Peat for
the Feet; a Rose & Clay Hand Ritual; and a Hot Towel Head
and Scalp Ritual.