Arctic-inspired relaxation from Thalgo

Thalgo has launched its latest spa ritual, Merveille Arctique,
based on Scandinavian heat therapy. It combines warmth and cold
with specially designed massage balls to give clients a feeling
of wellbeing and deep relaxation.


The ritual begins with a warming hydro-massage bath, followed
by a salt flake and Boreal Algae scrub. Boreal Algae is found
in the depths of the Ocean, on the threshold of the Arctic
Circle. It is rich in Glucuronic Acid (a component of
Hyaluronic Acid), Calcium, Iodine and other marine trace
minerals highly compatible with the skin.


It goes on to combine Swedish and deep tissue massages,
alternating warmth from the therapists’ hands with invigorating
cooled massage balls.


Heat therapy is a traditional Scandinavian ritual where warmth
is interchanged with cold, followed by a period of rest.
Alternating exposure to heat then cold stimulates the
metabolism and circulation to promote muscle relaxation, the
elimination of toxins, improved sleep and deep relaxation.


Also new, Thalgo has launched a 45-minute slimming treatment,
Body Sculpt, using a patented device called Body Palp. The
treatment, which claims to tone and lift, can be tailored to
each client’s aims and body shape, helping to reduce cellulite
and correct skin slackening in specific areas.


Body Palp technology is inspired by Cupping Therapy and uses a
non-motorised palper-rouler instrument to painlessly break down
stubborn cellulite, tone the body and re-sculpt the silhouette.
To complement the treatment, Thalgo has launched Complete
Cellulite Corrector, a new daily treatment, and a Thalgo Marine
Stomach and Waist Firming Dietary Supplement, which contains
Blood Orange extract, Ascophyllum.