Combining superfoods with skincare

Three new products have been added to Elemis’s existing
Superfood Facial Oil. There is a Superfood Facial Wash,
Superfood Day Cream and Superfood Night Cream, all of which
feature prebiotics and extracts from greens, grains and


The range taps into the probiotic trend in skincare,
introducing microflora to the surface of the skin and employing
good bacteria as part of a skincare routine to maintain health.


Key ingredients include goji berry, ginger ferment, matcha tea,
broccoli and cucumber seeds, carrot, rosemary, orange, flax,
rice bran, chia seed oil, sweet almond milk and extracts of


“We’re launching this range as we know what’s good for the body
is good for the skin, and nothing packs a more powerful
nutritional punch then superfoods,” explains Noella Gabriel,
managing director at Elemis.


“These nutrient-dense vegan formulae each contain a superfood
complex and a prebiotic, which protects and maintains the
skin’s delicate microbiome. The microbiome is the very first
defence barrier against environmental stresses that can harm
skin vitality so it’s crucial to keep this in balance for good
skin health.”