Pai skincare to offer 90-day returns

Pai Skincare has become the first brand to offer its
customers a 90-day returns policy.


Pai’s founder Sarah Brown, who launched the range in 2007 after
her skin became hyper-sensitive and acne-prone, says: ‘Most Pai
customers have experienced a tough journey ahead of finding our
brand. I wasted huge sums of money on products my skin didn’t
tolerate and that I couldn’t return. So, it is absolutely
critical to me that the Pai brand doesn’t have financially
punitive returns policies.’


The new 90-day policy means that customers can return any
full-size product, whether it’s a moisturiser that causes
blemishes or a foam that causes itchiness, free of charge. The
policy is designed to allow customers to take back control of
their skin and try the products completely risk-free.


Pai Skincare’s research revealed that half of the female
population in the UK have wasted money on products they’ve
reacted to, and so can’t use. Of those, only 16% have been able
to return those unwanted products. More than three questers
(78%) of women say their ‘can’t use’ pile contains at least
five products, worth up to £20 each, which equates to a
staggering £1.7bn of wasted consumer spend.