Wellness real estate worth US$134bn

Photo: Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston were the senior
researchers on the project


The GWI’s much anticipated Build Well to Live Well report
estimates the global wellness real estate market was worth
US$134bn in 2017 and predicts it will grow six per cent a year,
to US$180bn by 2022.


The report defines wellness real estate and communities as
facilities that ‘intentionally put people’s health at the
centre of design, creation and redevelopment’. It found that
real estate and communities that have a health and wellness
centric design are the next frontier in residential real
estate. The US is the largest market, followed by China,
Australia and the UK.


Katherine Johnston, GWI senior research fellow, and one of the
senior researchers on the report, says: “Collectively, we must
shake-up our thinking: healthy homes are as important as
immunisations; parks, paths, and plants are as beneficial as
prescriptions; friends and neighbours are far more important
than Fitbits.”


The report found wellness real estate has grown 6.4 per cent
annually since 2015. The GWI estimates that there are 740
projects that meet the criteria for wellness real estate in the
pipeline worldwide, and that emerging wellness living concepts
will drive future development.


Seven key trends that will shape this market’s future are also
identified, from new developments that blur the line between
home, work, spa and wellness to the rise of multigenerational,
affordable wellness communities.