Help is at hand for ‘clean beauty’ start-ups

Entrepreneur Raquel Wing has launched The Clean Hub in
partnership with spa operator, PURE Spa & Beauty.


The Clean Hub is designed to offer specialist support for
emerging, independent start-up companies in the rapidly growing
‘clean’ sector of the beauty industry. Wing believes that in
the current marketplace, the terms green and natural are
commonplace, yet widely abused. She’s launched The Clean Hub to
counteract this by challenge misleading labelling and the
duping of beauty consumers.


The Clean Hub will help businesses overcome obstacles they face
in bringing clean beauty brands to market, from finance and
export regulations to marketing. It is aimed at start-ups
wishing to be compliant with the most stringent standards of
natural and ethical production – free from animal testing,
toxins, carcinogens and harmful ingredients. More than 50
brands currently signed up as well as spa operator PURE Spa.


Through a series of guides, webinars and consultations, members
will have a access to advice and expertise and will be offered
a route to retail through the partnership with PURE Spa’s eight
UK outlets.


Wing says: “From a very early age, I couldn’t use many beauty
products because my skin was intolerant to many ingredients. I
had to become forensic in my approach to checking every pack’s
ingredients; it was very frustrating to discover many ‘natural’
products were in fact full of the chemicals.


“There is a real lack of clarity around natural and clean
brands. We’re aiming to promote trust and authenticity for
brands offering products that are genuinely free from the
toxins that, increasingly, no one wants on their skin.”