Expedia launches map of European spas

The movement site Expedia has made a natural spa discoverer, which features wellbeing encounters over the landmass.

The intelligent natural spa discoverer incorporates points of interest of driving natural spas all through Europe, with data on offices, treatments and purposes of enthusiasm for the encompassing regions.

The online guide denotes every goal spa with nourishment or fixing images, identifying with the wellbeing background accessible. The spas incorporated into the guide have been chosen by Expedia. The administration will be facilitated on the group’s UK-based site.

An Expedia representative says: “We’ve recorded a determination of spas, each offering something uncommon, from social spa encounters to imaginative treatments utilizing privately sourced fixings.”

Spas recorded incorporate the Caudalie Spa at the L’and Vineyards spa in Portugal, the Bernard Beer Spa in Prague, Czech Republic and Mallorcaэs Son Brull inn and spa, housed in an eighteenth century religious community.