UK’s first ever gin spa launched in Glasgow

Opened in December 2017, The Gin Spa is the first organically roused day spa on the planet, situated in the Vendor City zone of Glasgow.

The spa was the brainchild of the group behind Glasgow’s first gin bar, Gin 71. The spa has collaborated with Scottish brand JustBe Botanicals, established by aromatherapist Gail Bryden, to make a mark product offering produced using delicious botanicals that are thoughtful to the skin.

Treatments use the team’s learning of common Scottish botanicals and their properties, picked up from the development of the make gin development. Every visitor starts their treatment by picking a herbal fragrance based treatment oil, in light of how they need to feel “” cheerful, dynamic, peaceful, unadulterated, stimulated or detoxed.

The spa offers visitors a complimentary gin mixed drink from the Fever Tree drinks trolley with each treatment or administration that they book.

Overseeing executive Paul Reynolds says: “I need to make the ‘idealize storm’ of extraordinary administration, remarkable treatments, items and, obviously, gin.”