Sweet treats, SPA style

SPAs searching for an inventive method to stamp Valentine’s Day should seriously think about removing a leaf from Mars Wrigley Confectionary’s book.

The worldwide confectioner is opening a fly up spa in New York on thirteenth and fourteenth February, offering free totally desserts based makeovers. The organization, which offers brands, for example, M&M’s, Skittles and Starburst, is opening up the Manhattan spa for only two days, to enable New Yorkers to enjoy their sweethearts with a progression of spa treatments propelled by its items.

The Sweet ReTreat will highlight sweet, chocolate, gum and mint-themed TREATments and will, as indicated by an announcement, enjoy the faculties ” not only the sense of taste” with administrations running from signature nail trims and pedicures to blow-drys, style touch-ups and a make-up counter.

The make-up bar will include chocolate-themed shades motivated by M&M’s, Twix and Snickers, a mani-pedi station will offer treat shell shines likened to Skittles and Starburst hues, furthermore, the Snickers pedicure will incorporate a bar to crunch on while feet are cleaned. “Our darling treats assume a one of a kind part in purchasers’ lives, and we needed to accomplish something in tribute to our fans this Valentine’s Day,” says Berta De Pablos-Barbier, leader of Mars Wrigley Confectionery US. “You needn’t bother with a nail treatment each day, yet it’s a decent method to treat yourself and we take a gander at our items a similar way; a treat to enjoy from time to time.”