Series of releases from SOFRI  

SOFRI Energy Cosmetics, which propelled in the UK this late spring, has discharged a progression of new item offering to the market.

For salons and spa, the Sound wave Mat contains four body sound generators, controlled through a touch screen, which empower the bring down leg and thigh and lumbar and thoracic spine with distinctive vibration frequencies. Unwinding music is “conveyed׳ in the head by means of two stereo amplifiers, while in the meantime an infrared warmth tangle works profound into the back muscles. The tangle can be put on any corrective or massage love seat.

“Our point is dependably to accomplish concordance of body, soul and mind,” says Julia Ribinska, UK Distributor of SOFRI Energy Beautifying agents. “At the point when these levels are in adjusted, we feel well and our skin shines. The Sound Wave sound tangle sets a further development in comprehensive restorative treatment. The streaming energies of the sound waves in blend with proficient, mindful touches and massages fit the being totally. The Sound Wave May sends certain notes in sound waves straightforwardly to the chakras in the body by means of the spinal segment. Along these lines, all seven chakras can be independently actuated and fit in any succession.”

Likewise new is the Color Energy Pollution Protect, which shield the skin from contamination and free radicals, and the Color Vitality Wonderlift Mask – a moment impact hydrogel confront cover.

Beginning in Austria, SOFRI has been created by Sonja Fritz, an all encompassing cosmetologist, utilizing the current logical information of shading treatment close by conventional age-old astuteness of shading energies.