Rudding Park launches the UK’s first Art of Aufguss workshops

Following the presentation of general Art of Aufguss services, Rudding Park Spa is currently presenting the UK’s first Craft of Aufguss Workshops, under the educational cost of Sauna Meister Lay Pang Ong.

A main health hone crosswise over Europe, Aufguss includes a Ace of Aufguss utilizing basic oils to make a fortifying condition inside the sauna, coursing the fragrant air utilizing a towel-waving procedure.

The custom is guaranteed to leave members both rationally and physically restored, prompting a reflective condition of mind, enhancing cardiovascular quality, boosting the resistant framework and lightening pressure and torment.

Rudding Park Spa will have three workshops from 1-3 February. Visitors will encounter a great Aufguss execution by Pang, a hypothesis session on the principals and advantages of the custom and a down to earth session with instructing, before playing out a function in the sauna.