New Road for UKSA

The UK Spa Association (UKSA) has revealed a new
strategic plan called Road to 2020.


The plan maps out the future aims of the non-profit trade
association and aims to provide more clarity around the
association’s long-term ambitions.


Charlie Thompson, UKSA chair, says: ‘In order to support our
vision we provide some real ‘meaty’ and tangible benefits to
our members that will positively impact their bottom line. The
road map seeks to cement our position as the officially
recognised trade body and authority for UK spas.


‘Our five key priorities include financial member benefits,
networking events, industry benchmarking insights, public
campaigning and resources for continuous improvement’.


Road to 2020 includes plans to lobby parliament for the
standardisation of industry training and codes of practice, and
has a mission statement of “More People in Spas, More Often”.