Home-grown treatments in St Lucia

Jade Mountain St Lucia has introduced a new range of home-grown spa treatments

Every treatment has been made to be as kind to the condition as it is to the skin. On offer at the peak Kai En Ciel Spa, each new treatment utilizes natural create from the resort’s 600-section of land Emerald Estate.

Items including chocolate, mangoes, flavors and botanicals are hand-picked and taken straight to the spa, where they are arranged so basic oils can be removed. Every fixing is decided for the two its quality and manageability, and furthermore its impact on the skin and faculties.

Spa visitors can browse a determination of home-developed treats counting a natural Chocolate Facial, a Mango Body Scrub and a warming dark pepper, rosemary and ginger De-Stress Muscle Discharge massage.

The Kai En Ciel spa as of now has various eco-accommodating practices set up, including a rain and stream water purging framework, a towel and sheet reuse program and pool water reusing. The treatments are the most recent case of the resort’s sense of duty regarding import nothing that can be developed or “made locally” 40 for each penny of all create served at room Jade Mountain and its sister-resort Anse Chastanet is developed on the common 600-section of land home.