Titanic Spa launches a personalised treatment room

Yorkshire’s award-winning eco-spa, The Titanic Spa, is moving
away from the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach. It has
launched a personalised treatment room for guests in a bid to
provide a bespoke and truly personalised spa experience.


Guests are able to take full control of their treatment room,
from the lights and temperature to levels of communication –
and in doing so define what the perfect treatment experience
means to them.


Other factors guests can regulate include the height of the
treatment bed and the option of having it heated. Guests are
also able to adjust the volume and type of music played during
their treatment. Sense of smell is activated with a bespoke
choice of aromas.


To eliminate worries many guests have about whether they should
talk or not, they will be asked at the start of the treatment
whether they would like to be left in silence or prefer to be
talked to. The level of pressure is also addressed in a
no-nonsense manner to avoid any potential embarrassment.


Warrick Burton, MD of Titanic Spa, says: “Hyper-personalisation
is the new definition of luxury and a top trend in the wellness
industry that’s shaping the future of the spa market. Current
spa guests are from the ‘experience’ generation who place value
on having a unique experience. A luxury treatment and swim in
the pool is simply not enough; they want a location that will
go the extra mile.”