Changes afoot at Ghareini

A glimpse into the future of treatments with new Augmented Massage beds.

Known for its creatively outlined massage tables and beds, Gharieni has propelled Augmented Massage, in a joint effort with Jean-Marie Adrien at Motion Waves.

Utilizing the medium of movement to-sound, in-assembled sensors in Gharieni’s new beds investigate the position and speed of the advisor’s developments progressively and change this into the hints of profound unwinding.

The innovation utilizes the advisor’s normal impulse to make a novel shared ordeal, including both customer and advisor, and setting off every one of the faculties amid a treatment.

Jean Marie Adrien propelled Motion Waves subsequent to closing his vocation as a conductor and artist, where he investigated the connection of development to sound. The organization is committed to making increased spaces inside extravagance retail, utilizing concealed sensors to make intelligent, immersive conditions.

Adrien joined forces with Gharieni to convey his innovation to the treatment room, incorporating it into the MO1 treatment bed. ‘The relentlessly rising desires of customers for unprecedented spa minutes requires exceptional thoughts and a receptive outlook to utilizing cutting edge innovation’ he says. Gharieni, which is headquartered in Germany, has additionally as of late associated its branches in the Netherlands and Belgium to focus its activities for the entire “Benelux territory” Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.